Be a Farmer for a Day at McClelland’s Dairy in Petaluma


When Anna was small, she used to love both to go for drives and to look at cows. The 45-minute drive from our house to McClelland’s Dairy in Petaluma also happened to provide the perfect mid-day nap time. So it was that we took plenty of drives to McClelland’s, to watch the cows being milked in the dairy barn.

Now you can do this, too, even without the nap.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a farmer, or if you just want to spend the day on a pretty farm, enjoying farm life,  McClelland’s Dairy in Petaluma is offering families and others that chance, with a special day filled with activities at their family dairy farm.

Participants will start with morning chores — feeding the baby calves from bottles in the nursery, mixing grain for the “mama” cows, and then milking cows, with one-on-one instruction from the farmers. You can sign up for a guided tour, where you’ll learn the history of the multi-generation family farm as well as more about the nursery and cow-milking barn. You can also experience making your own butter from milk.

There are lunches for sale, or bring your own and picnic at the farm.

McClelland’s “From She to Thee Farm Days” will take place Sat.-Sun., September 5-6 and September 26-27.

For more info about events, pricing, and the farm, see: The McClelland’s Dairy Farm web site.

Photo by Keith Weller

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2 responses to “Be a Farmer for a Day at McClelland’s Dairy in Petaluma

  1. As that mid-twentith century philospher, Bob Hope, used to sing: “Thanks for the memories.”

    Your article stirred up 2 memories from the 1950’s when I was a little kid.

    My great aunt Jenny had a dairy farm. This particular farm was in Middle Village, Queens, in New York City! We would go there to visit with my mother’s cousins’ families–a lot of kids. When we got there Aunt Jenny, a sweet, gray-haired, Jewish munchkin would great us on the porch. She told us to wait there and not go into the house. Then she started running around and disappeared. When she returned, she had a pitcher of warm milk and glasses. She poured us each a glass and she waited till everyone was done. Then she said: “Now give me a kiss and you can go inside.”

    The other memory is about the milkman and Darlington Lake outside of Mahwah, New Jersey. We had the best milkman around. So much so, he became friends with my parents. He invited us to visit his family in what was, at the time, rural Bergan County. (That is so strange to write and think about. Rural Bergan County and dairy farm in Queens!) We got to play with his daughters and eat wonderful pies that his wife baked. My family had a membership at a swim club at Darlington Lake which was nearby and we would take the milkman and his family with us.

    I bet Aunt Jenny could have charged admission like McClennand’s Dairy and she’d be a magnet for all the city slickers. But the thought would never have occured to her.

  2. Hi Dave! Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your fantastic childhood memories. I’m trying to picture a dairy farm in Queens. We’re also friendly with our milkman – yes we have one! I wrote about our milk delivery here.

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