Press for FEd up with frenzy

Curbing Kids’ Screen Addiction Starts with Parents, Stacy Tornio, Parent Map, 1/8/18

Vitamin N–The Cure, Swift Nature Camps, 3/15/16

Don’t Hurry, Be Happy, Shikha Shah, Times of India, 10/28/14

Stop Family Frenzy with Slow Parenting, Julie Pfitzinger, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/1/13

Be a Slow Parent, Rebecca Haynes, Healthy Life CT, 12/28/12

Top 10 Parenting Trends, Bonnie Rochman, TIME Healthland, 12/4/12

Focus on Family: Five Ways to Make Things Less Hectic, Fox and Friends Weekend, 11/25/12 video

Mill Valley Author Lipman Promotes Slow Parenting, Vicki Larson, Marin Independent Journal, 11/13/12

Books Offer Sound Advice for Parents, Kelly Strom, News-Gazette, 11/6/12

Brake for Children, Marjorie Ingall, Tablet, 10/23/12

Erie Families Make Time for Downtime, Jennie Geisler, Erie Times News, 10/4/12

Having Trouble Keeping Up? Try Slowing Down, Janice D’Arcy, Washington Post, 9/19/12

Listen: Fed Up with Frenzy WMBD, Greg & Dan Show, WMBD Peoria, 9/7/12

Sticking up for Slow Family, Shayne Rodriguez Thompson, MamasLatinas, 9/3/12

Be a Slow Parent in a Fast-Moving World, Sylvia Anderson, St. Joseph News Press, 9/2/12

5 Books That Are Changing My Life, Amy Suardi, Frugal Mama, 8/18/12

Why Being a Lazy Mom is a Good Thing, Joyce Slaton, Baby Center, 8/15/12

Slow Parenting: Why a Mom is Fed Up with Frenzy, Bonnie Rochman, TIME Healthland, 8/14/12

Moms Must Read, Kristen Kemp, Parents Magazine, 8/9/12

Head Start Body Start News, 8/12

Look, Listen, Read, Green Child Magazine, 7/30/12

Fed Up with Frenzy, Children in Nature Collaborative, 7/12

13 Random Road Trip Rules, Slow Family Living, 7/18/12

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Press for Slow Family Online and Slow Parenting

Help Your Child March to Their Own Beat, Maxabella, Village Voices, Australia, 12/13/12

6 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Cause
Jennifer Berry, Earth 911, 11/11

14 Fabulous Family Activities in the SF Bay Area, Circle of Moms, 11/11

Slow Family Living in a Fast Family Society,
Mike Lanza, Playborhood, 9/11

New Balance Kids, Fall, 11

Bay Area Mom Bloggers, Skinny Scoop, 8/11

7 Blogs for an Inspired Simple Life
Candace, Power Moms Unite, 7/11

How to Slow Down for Summer
Kerala Taylor, Kaboom, 6/11

Bay Area’s Top Mom (and Dad) Blogs, Red Tricycle, 3/11

Slow Down for Simple Pleasures
Michele Whitaker, Fun Orange County Parks, 12/10

One Lovely Blog Award
Green Phone Booth, 9/10

Front Page News: Conflicting Versions Mark Case of the Errant Victory Gardens
Richard Brenneman, Berkeley Daily Planet, 6/09

Press for Suz

M.V. Herald – Advocate for Arts
L.A. Winokur, Mill Valley Herald

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