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TIME Healthland names Fed Up with Frenzy and Slow Parenting  Top 10 Parenting Trend


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Slow Down.


It’s Easier than You Think.





The hectic pace of everyday life can keep families constantly on the go,
but removing some of the frenzy is easy—if you make a few simple changes.  Packed with 300+ affordable and delightful games, crafts and activities, Fed Up with Frenzy will help you slow down, reconnect and spend more distraction-free time with your children.

Chapters include: Slow Activities, Slow Games, Slow Crafts, Slow Kitchen, Slow Garden, Slow Nature, Slow Seasons, Slow Celebrations, Slow Travel, and Everyday Slow.

Praise for Fed Up with Frenzy:

“Fed Up with Frenzy is filled with recipes for the best of days.”

—Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle and Founding Chairman, Children & Nature Network

“Fed up with Frenzy is a welcome corrective to a society that has turned childhood into a race to nowhere.”

—Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness and Under Pressure

“Opening this book is like opening to a world of gentle, simple, and doable possibilities that will bring you closer to your child.”

—Kim John Payne, author and founder of Simplicity Parenting

“In an age of hyper-parenting and frenetic, over-scheduled families, Susan Sachs Lipman offers up an encyclopedia of wonderful activities that will help every family slow down and smell the roses.”

—Alvin Rosenfeld, MD, coauthor of The Over-Scheduled Child

“Fed Up with Frenzy is a blueprint for any family that feels overwhelmed by the pace of contemporary life.”

—Darell Hammond, founder and CEO of KaBOOM!

“Sound advice and alternative activities to parents worried that electronic gadgets are replacing meaningful family engagement… Parents will enjoy this fun and helpful guide to slowing things down.”

—Vanessa Bush, Booklist

I’ll definitely keep this one on my shelf for those unbusy Saturdays.”

—Kristen Kemp, Parents

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Reviews and Press for Fed Up with Frenzy:

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Brake for Children, Tablet, 10/23/12

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Fed Up with Frenzy, Children in Nature Collaborative, 7/12

13 Random Road Trip Rules, Slow Family Living, 7/18/12



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About Suz:

Susan Sachs Lipman (Suz) is the author of Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World, which was named a 2012 Top 10 Parenting Trend by TIME magazine. She writes for the New York Times Motherlode blog, the Christian Science Monitor‘s Modern Parenthood blog, the National Wildlife Federation‘s Be Out There blog, and numerous other outlets. Suz is the Social Media Director for the Children & Nature Network, which encourages and supports people and organizations working around the world to reconnect children with nature.

A longtime Girl Scout leader, Suz also enjoys gardening, hiking, community volunteering, reading, soap crafting and food canning. She lives with her husband and daughter in Mill Valley, CA.

Photo: Jeanette Vonier


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