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Everyday Whimsy: Two Reminders that the Mundane can be Made Fun

I love these videos.

The first is from a group called The Fun Theory. Their whole mission (if I may use such a serious word) is to illustrate that making something fun is the easiest way to ensure that people will do it. I’m quite heartened watching this and seeing how many people will go out of their way to do something playful and joyful.

There are lots of similar playful ideas on the Fun Theory site, including a mat that makes wiping ones feet fun, and a room that’s transformed with magnets, so kids can throw their clothes at the wall rather than hang them. (I’m not sure about this one, actually.)

The next, old-school, video showcases Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkeley, who was known for his extremely elaborate, precision dance numbers that were said to have gotten their inspiration from the military. The clip is from 1937’s Ready, Willing and Able and features Ruby Keeler (wife of Al Jolson, I just learned) tapping away in what would be one of her last musicals. (She made a remarkable comeback in theater and movies more than 30 years later.)

I think it’s a wonderful example of looking at an ordinary object in a new way — truly “thinking outside the box”, to envision women’s legs serving as typewriter keys. Plus, looking at it and listening to it can’t help but put a smile on ones face.

Have fun! Remember that a little whimsy and silliness can go a long way.

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