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Slow Nature: Have a Cloud Race

Watching the sky and clouds can be somewhat of a luxury in our busy lives. When we think of unhurried childhoods, many of us picture a lazy afternoon or early evening, laying in the grass and gazing at the sky overhead, allowing ourselves to daydream as the clouds drift to form various shapes.

Clouds provide the perfect backdrop for our imaginations, after all. Formed from evaporated water that rose through the air and condensed, clouds are lovely, miraculous, ever-changing and not to be missed, even in the most frenzied childhood.

As you concentrate on the clouds, you’ll probably discover differences in their formations, appearances and speeds as they move across the sky. What do some different clouds look like to you? Is there a story you can make up, starring a cloud?

Got two or more people and seeking a more structured game? Have a cloud race:

  • Lie in the grass or sit on a chair.
  • Players or teams choose a cloud and root for it to go faster than the others across the sky.

Want to know more about clouds? The Enchanted Learning has great information for learning how to identify different kinds of clouds and discovering how clouds form. You may also be inspired by these 25 unbelievable cloud formations.


Have fun racing and dreaming!

Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman

Enjoy the Ancient Act of Cloudwatching

This afternoon I saw the most marvelous cirrus clouds over Northern California. Wispy hallmarks of the kind of beautiful blue-sky day during which you hardly feel the air. Upon inspection they seemed to be moving pretty quickly.

When I came in, I found that Bethe, at Grass Stain Guru, happened to write about cloudwatching today and she, in turn, wrote about Jane Kirkland’s fun Nature Challenge cloudwatching video. (Something in the air?) Both challenge you to slow down, look up, and enjoy the age-old game of making objects out of the shapes you see in the clouds.

What do you see here?

Want to know more? This site is a great one for learning how to identify different kinds of clouds and learning how clouds form.

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