From Treehugger: Frugal Green Living Posters

Canning, victory gardening, carpooling, conserving resources, living frugally — There are a lot of parallels between a whole swath of trends and activities today and those from the 1940s. In both periods, outside forces (war, the economy, the environment) have caused a lot of us to take stock and change some of our homefront habits. In the process, many of us discovered or rediscovered some relatively lost arts on the way to using less.

The always-relevant Treehugger has offered a terrific blog post, Frugal Green Living: Posters for the Movement, which features a collection of 1940s posters that, while making statements urging people to reconsider wasteful habits, are also themselves wonderful examples of message-oriented graphic design at its mid-century zenith.

I love these for their bold graphics and nostalgic style and marvel that they are fairly relevant today – except for the last one, of course. Though Treehugger makes the point that cooking fat is now collected for biodiesel fuel, rather than to make explosives. And that is undoubtedly a good thing.

Posters: Minneapolis Public Library

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7 responses to “From Treehugger: Frugal Green Living Posters

  1. Hey, thanks! And thanks for visiting. I’m glad you appreciate the posters – probably both the graphics and the sentiments, like I do. Your blog is terrific – very useful and inspirational. I just posted about seed-saving a month ago and will follow some of your tips before planting. Also just added Jimmy Cracked-Corn to my blogroll. Cheers!

  2. WOW, you have definitely done it again. You are such an insightful writer and artist. I am particularly proud to have your blog rss on our portal, Never fails to get positive comments. The art work here is great. I am 60 yrs old and grew up with canning, learned how from my mother. My parents were both very well off but believed that slow food was the only food worth consuming. I can to this day, my son and daughter are slowly picking it up and their interest matures as they do. Thank you for such a visual reminder. Peace be with you and all you do.

  3. Hi Michael! Wow. Thank you for your lovely comment and spirit, as always. I’m so glad you enjoyed the visual reminders of the great art of canning. Obviously, it’s an activity that has multiple benefits. How wonderful that your kids are now at least the third generation in your family to enjoy putting up food. It must feel great to know you’re passing on such a valued part of your heritage. (I’m sure you think of your parents’ gifts all the time on the farm.) Thank you again, so much, for your ongoing generosity. Peace be with you, as well.

  4. These posters are the coolest! Love that they are as relevant now as 60 years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Michelle! I’m so glad you visited and share my enthusiasm for these great posters and their sentiments. I’m also thrilled to know about the Green Phone Booth Blog, which immediately went onto my blogroll. What a great resource, obviously written with passion and joy. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for adding us to your blog roll! We put your on ours too – probably simultaneously! So nice to stumble on such a thoughtful, meaningful blog. :)

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