Enjoy October’s Full Harvest Moon


Songwriters have crooned about it. Farmers have counted on it. A Chinese festival honors it with special mooncakes. It’s the Harvest Moon, which traditionally shines its all-night beacon to help farmers gather their crops. In addition to being timed well for the job, the October full moon travels particularly close to the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, so that it appears larger and closer than do other full moons throughout the year. It’s also visible for a longer amount of time than other moons — often all night — so that, especially before electricity, the harvesting needn’t stop at nightfall. And, if that weren’t enough, it also brightens the night sky for many successive days in a row.

All this week, those in northern latitudes will be able to go outside on clear nights and witness the Harvest Moon. It’s due to be at its absolute fullest at 1 am, Central U.S. Time, on October 4, so you’ll get good full moon shows all weekend, and fine shows throughout the week, whether you’re harvesting food, memories, or one of the last possibly warm full-moon nights.

Photo: Matthias Kobel

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2 responses to “Enjoy October’s Full Harvest Moon

  1. Great photo. The full moon always wakes me at night and I love it.

  2. Hi Toni! I agree — I have been loving waking my daughter in the morning and seeing the full moon shining into her room in the dawn light. We’ve taken a couple of moonlit walks this week, in addition to doing little outside chores in natural light. I think about those ancient farmers, and their good fortune at being able to harvest all night under this amazing moon.

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