Slow Family Online on Food News Journal


Slow Family Online is mentioned on today’s Food News Journal. Each day, Food News Journal rounds up the freshest food writing in the mainstream media and among the blogs. I am thrilled to be included!

Photo by Susan Sachs Lipman

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2 responses to “Slow Family Online on Food News Journal

  1. way to go!!

    You have the germ of a book idea there. Like Jane and Michael Stern who run around the US looking for hotdog stands and long-standing local restaurants, you can turn your passion for cheeses into a guide. Their approach and motivation is much different than yours. You truly enjoy the quality and the hunt. They are like collectors trying to snap up whatever they are collecting. They are also fressors (gluttons.) She looks like she enjoys her work too much and he looks like he has a tapeworm. You, on the other hand Sooz, are the real deal.

    Something to think about.

  2. Gosh, David, thank you so much. I do enjoy the quality and the hunt — that is for sure. The quality and variety of cheese right now is especially exciting. And the hunt takes you to some beautiful spots. For a lifelong cheese enthusiast, what’s not to like?

    Thanks again for the compliment.

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